The Nuclear Materials Technology Division will conduct its annual Science and Technology Assessment (also know as the "Division Review") May 9 through May 12. The programmatic topical areas to be covered include weapons surveillance/stewardship, enhanced surveillance, components manufacturing, and dynamic testing. The Division Review Committee members who will be participating in this year's review are Dr. Susan Wood (Chair), Dr. Ned Wogman, Dr. Richard Bartsch, Dr. A. D. Rollett, Dr. Anthony Thompson, and Dr. Lamar Miller (observer).

The Nuclear Materials Technology Division has formed an internal advisory group composed of senior members from sponsoring programs and collaborating organizations. The present membership includes Scott Gibbs, John Immele, Dennis Erickson, Allen Hartford, Susan Wood, Dave Clark, and K. C. Kim (coordinator). This group meets once a month and advises Division Leader Tim George on all aspects of NMT Divisionšs operation and program execution.

The Science Leadership Council of NMT initiated a division seminar series starting in February. The seminar was delivered by Brett Kniss on "The Status of the Pit Rebuild Program," on February 3, The second and third seminars were given by Steve Yarbro and Ed Garcia on March 2. The titles of their talks were "Overview of Plutonium Processing," and "Chlorination of Sodium Carbonate Oxidized Pyrochemical Salt Residues." All three seminars were very informative and well attended.

The winners of this year's R. D. Baker Award for Science and Technology, which recognizes contributions of technical excellence in the division, are Gary Rinehart (Actinide Ceramics and Fabrication) and D. Kirk Veirs (Chemistry, Metallurgy, and Materials). The winner of the William J. Maraman Award in Operations Excellence, which recognizes a LANL employee or team for especially meritorious performance in the operation of nuclear facilities, is David Post (PM-DO). The award ceremony will be held during the Division Review in May.

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